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The bestdata warehouseis a lakehouse

Unify all your data, analytics and
AI on one platform

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Cut costs and speed up innovation with the Lakehouse Platform

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One platform for your data, consistently governed and available for all your analytics and AI

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Open standards provide easy integration with other tools plus secure, platform-independent data sharing

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Scale efficiently with every workload from simple data pipelines to massive LLMs

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Lakehouseunifies your data teams

Data sharing

Open data sharing

Easily collaborate with anyone on any platform with the first open approach to data sharing. Share live data sets, models, dashboards and notebooks while maintaining strict security and governance.

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Data management and engineering

Streamline your data ingestion and management

With automated and reliable ETL, open and secure data sharing, and lightning-fast performance, Delta Lake transforms your data lake into the destination for all your structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.

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Data warehousing

Derive new insights from the most complete data

With ready access to the freshest and most complete data and the power of Databricks SQL — up to 12x better price/performance than traditional cloud data warehouses — data analysts and scientists can now quickly derive new insights.

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Data science and machine learning

Accelerate ML across the entire lifecycle

The lakehouse forms the foundation of Databricks Machine Learning — a data-native and collaborative solution for the full machine learning lifecycle, from featurization to production. Combined with high-quality, highly performant data pipelines, lakehouse accelerates machine learning and team productivity.

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Data governance

Unify governance for data, analytics and AI

Maintain a compliant, end-to-end view of your data estate with a single model of data governance for all your structured and unstructured data. Centralize auditing and track usage through automated lineage and monitoring capabilities.

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The data warehouse is history. Discover why the lakehouse is the modern architecture for data and AI.

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